b'7 Wonders(continued from page 45)visit, a woman fell to her death, andtury Inca Village of Machu Picchu. discovered it in 1911.the climbing of the steps was closedBuilt as an estate for the Inca Em- Thereisagreatdealofcontro-to tourism. peror, it was abandoned a century laterversyoverBinghamsdiscoveryand. at the time of the Spanish Conquest.excavation of the site. He has always The next Wonder of the World weAlthoughknownlocally,itwasnotclaimed there were no treasures found are going to visit lies deep in the Andesbrought to international attention, untilat the site, but several years ago, Yale Mountains in Peru, the fifteenth cen- AmericanhistorianHiramBinghamUniversity,Binghamsalmamater, confessed to possessing many of the valuables Bingham had discoveredStaying in South America, the next Wonder I visited was the gigantic statue of Christ the Redeemer, at Corcovado, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Seeing this marvel from a distance does not give you the appreciation of its sheer magnitude, and a trip up the mountain is a must. What makes it so special is its location at the peak of the700-metreCorcovadoMountain, overlooking the city of Rio. A symbol ofChristianityacrosstheworld,the statue has also become a cultural icon of both Rio de Janeiro and Brazil.Our adventure to explore the new Macchu Pichu was only inhabited for 100 years and lay hidden until the early 19th century. Please turn to page 48September 17th 2021 September 18th 2021with special guests DRIVE INHunter sheridan with special guests& Matt Gunn Lemon CashAll proceedsbenefittingport perrySeptember Gates 6:00 $100-125fairgrounds17th & 18th 2021 Show 7:00per cartickets available at www.windingroadslive.comFOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202147'