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Canadas next BIG Crooner!On his way to Here for Bringing CT and otherthe top! This young quintet combines timeessential equipment to Port Perry Hospital travel to the classics and swing of the future.~ Lynn McDonaldLocationOutdoors at a private residence. Port Perry Hospital Foundation, 451 Paxton St. Port Perry ON L9L 1L9 Tickets$30 pp - Correct change pleaseReservelynn@lynnmcdonaldjazz.comDouble Vaxxedfor Attendance * Mandatory.Cuban Jazz Master from Havana, now Canadian!HILARIO DURANGet Yours th Wednesday September 29 Today! Port Perrys 150 Doors open 6:30 p.m. Anniversary Calendar 2021/22 Concert Starts 7 p.m. We met him in his Jane Bunnet era, 20 years ago. 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We love our community and we arehe photographer. nk you to t ha T Exploring the intergenerational y, ON t Perr www.PPPrint.ca tion@ppprint.ca th Street, Por \x19\x10\x15\x0e\x19\x18\x15\x0e\x19\x17\x15\x15\x00\x00s\x00\x00\x11\x0e\x18\x18\x18\x0e\x13\x10\x11\x0e\x10\x10\x15\x15 201 Nor AVAILABLE AT: consequences of trauma, including those PPPrint of a holocaust survivor and a woman PetValu imprisoned during the Iranian Revolution, Stellas Carpet by Lucy E.M BlackThe Standard weaves together the overlapping lives of Port Perry Farmersthose stepping outside the shadows of their Market own histories to make conscious decisions about family, forgiveness and reconciliation.th ~ 2021/22 Calendar With proceeds Port Perrys 150 going to Pre-Order at www.blueheronbooks.comPublished by Book Launch: October 16th, 3-5pm (905) 852-4282&Digital Services Inc. Blue Heron Books, Uxbridge 62 Brock Street West 44FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2021'