b'BBBSND(continued from page 25) drive-by birthday visit on April 29 in his van, blasting the birthday song really loud, to mark Pipers big day.HERE ARE SOME OF THEIR FAVOURITE MEMORIES: TheBFFsonlyliveathree-minutedriveapartin Q Baking oatmeal chocolate chip cookies in the schoolsQ Playinghideandseekintheschoolgymnasium,Prince Albert. Barb and Doug have tentative future plans kitchen to share with Pipers class and the custodian hiding behind the curtains on the stage and in theto move to Huntsville area to be near family, but Barb Q Going to visit the animals at pet stores, especially thecubbyholes emphasized that she will always stay in contact with kittens, including Mittens, and the little dog namedQ Barb helping a young Piper to get over her nervous- Piper.Marlo ness of the water, and learning to swim at Uxpool onI have a lot of connections in Scugog, and if we ever Q Barb attending the school Talent Show where PiperSunday afternoons move, Ill be down to visit. Its only two hours away. (who has a beautiful voice and comes from a musicalQ Barb taking a photo in her treed backyard of PiperBarb assured.family), sang Carry on my Wayward Son, when shepetting squirrels that they named Molly and DollyPiper brings joy to my life, said Barb.was in grade four Ringtails Its amazing to be in the BBBS program, Piper com-PHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMINGQ Piper, age six, amazing Barb by singing the wholeQ Barb and Piper playing Zombie tag outside mented. Its nice to have someone to open up to. Barb is song Let it Go from the movie Frozen Q so sweet and easy to talk to.Discovering Jembe - drums be- The 45th anniversary of Big Brothers Big Sisters North hind the bleachers at school, andDurham (BBBSND) this year coincides with the 7th an-learning to play songs together niversary for Big Sister Barb and Little Sister Piper.Q Sitting outside under shade treesThe good news is that when in-class learning resumes and just chatting in September, the In School Mentoring program will start Q Piper and Barb bouncing on theup again also. It runs for the duration of the school calen-exercise balls in the gymnasium dar year. Big Sister and mom looking at how Pipers knee and scar are Q Grabbing a quick lunch togetherHistory has proven positive results. Youth who partici- coming along since a hiking mishap.atMcDonalds,Tims,orDairypate in BBBSND programs increase their self-confidence Queen and commitment to learning. But most of all, as the storyBBBSND serves the townships of Scugog, Uxbridge of Barb and Pipers relationship shows, its mostly justand Brock. For more information on programs Q Visitingthelocallibrary,whereabout friends hanging out and enjoying spending timeand events, please reach out to: a young Piper wanted to look attogether. margaret.ayres@bigbrothersbigsisters.cabooks about tornadoes and otherBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on Scugog or call 905-985-3733.disastersQ Barb providing a listening ear if Piper had anything concerning on her mindWhentheyfirstmet,Piper,six,All-Stars Realty Inc.wasingradeoneatPrinceAlbert Public School. Now she is 13-years-old and going into grade eight. At ageBrokerage independently owned and operated.71 now, Big Sister Barb is older than Pipers grandmother. number!BarbCarolyn Wilbur Margaret BallAgeisonlya reminded. I could keep up with aSales Representative Sales Representativesix-year-old. 905-439-7297 905-809-7946IvewatchedPipergrowup from a little girl to a confident youngProfessional Mother / Daughter Teamlady, Barb commented. It has been so rewarding, so fun. When she was little, when I arrived at the school, sheServing Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes.would run up towards me, with a big smile on her face. It put a big smile on my face too. We are here to help you with all your Real Estate Aftergradeeight,wewillcon- needs. Let us guide you through the steps to tinue to be lifelong buddies, Pipermake the best informed choices for your family.chimed in.Getting together during the pan- (905) 985-4427demiclockdownshashaditschal-lenges, Barb pointed out. But Piper144 Queen St. Port Perry, ON L9L 1A6wasnotforgottenonherbirthday.www.GettingYourMoveOn.comBarbandherhusbandDougdida FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202127'