b'by Deborah Jones Finotti,Im just too busy with family and life. Downtown 150 Scavenger hunt for Walk for Dog Guides. Advertising Representative, Focus on Scugog Nowadays everything is backed up to a hard drive forMax invites you to participate in the upcoming 150th safe keeping. Not the same as being able to sit down withBandana Walk for Dog Guides Scavenger Hunt starting an album on your lap andthrough the pages andSeptember 2, featuring his favourite places around Portip Iampiggybackingo mypreviousdering what Im talking about. They probably think I co- have a good laugh or cry. Being old school means I doPerry. Max and his girlfriend, Carly, suggests you will article, about journaling. After reading itexisted with cavemen as well. The thirty-somethings willhave pictures printed that put a smile on my face. I haveneed transportation as these bandanas will be through-again in the August issue, I started think- remember VHS tapes and VCRs, and yes, we still havea plethora (and I do mean plethora) of framed photos allout the Port Perry boundaries. Max and Carly also want ing about my Mum and Dad and wasthose as well. over the house to keep me company and rememberingyou to check out the Emmerson Insurance window at 193 determined tond a particular picture ofWhen we married 43 years ago, we had our photogra- what was and still is! Queen Street for some ideas!Hint: not 28 Queen Street, them on their wedding day. pher do a movie of the wedding on a Super8. Of course,Our four-year-old granddaughter had to do a mathcount the bandanas for bonus points.We have a large unit that I keep pic- there was no audio, and to the delight of our children,number to present every day for class. On one occasionWith our community opening up more, please think tures in, and I periodically go through some of them.and now our grandchildren, they laugh hysterically atshewantedtocountGrandmaspictureframes,Iamaboutshoppingandeatinglocally,soyoucancreate They are not in any order and I cant tell you how often Ithe dancing and speeches with no audio. Now they dubproud and impressed to say she counted up to 81, andsome new memories with your loved ones. Enjoy the rest have told myself to start organizing them. The task is justin their own speeches and try to lip-sync to what is beingthen I had to do a recount because I was sure she wasof your summer!too daunting. On my last tumble through them I foundplayed on the video, and we laugh at their antics. incorrect. She was BANG ON.four shoe boxes with slides, remember those, and weWe have managed to transcribe the majority of ourThis is just a sample of one of my displays. Front right is still have a slide projector! My question is does anyoneSuper8 and VHS to CDs.However, every time I reachIvo and I on our wedding day. I know I still look the same!still convert the slides to pictures? deeper in this never-ending cupboard, Imore thatndCOME CHECK When our girls were little, I did start albums, so I doneed to be transcribed. I have all the Super8s my DadOUT OUR NEW have one for each of them. did when I was younger; I even have myrst steps as anFARM-SIDE WINE As a kid I can remember my Dad sitting down withinfant. I will cherish these forever on CDs and will pass& CIDER PATIOthe albums and having to lick the corner tabs to put theon to our grandchildren one day. Of course, by then there pictures in and then he would write a caption under eachwill be something even more extraordinary to transcribe one, (I still have all of them). I like to look at these thethem to. AWARD-WINNING FRUIT WINES,CIDERS, AND MEADS.most, because they have pictures of my Mum and DadDuring my purge days early in the pandemic I neverJAMSJELLIESBUTTER TARTSHONEY & MOREbefore they were married. The dresses and shoes she woreventured towards this cupboard. I think I would still bePUMPKIN PATCH & GIANT CORN MAZE COMING THIS FALLwere amazing, of course that same fashion has come backworking on them if I did. My friends say to wait until ImSpeaking of memories and creating new ones, my four2055 Saintfield Rd, Seagrave, Ont. L0C1H0a few times through the centuries, like platform shoes! ocially retired, but I know things wont change. As itlegged Latin Lover, Max would like to express a bigapplewoodfarmwinery.comAnyone born in the last thirty years is probably won- stands now, I work part-time and still cantnd the time;thank you to all that participated in the last Port Perry Back-to-School Aids to StayT R I B A LWell, Rested & Stress Free26 47 SALENEW 60 vcaps Our Fall Helps support mood balance in adults &Favourites TEENAGERS Supports feelings of relaxation Has a calming effect, helping to relieverestlessness & nervousness21 47 SALE60 chewable tablets Helps to fall asleep quickly & sleep soundly Promotes a restful sleep, to wake feeling refreshed Lowers bodys stress response14 99 SALE60 vcaps Increases bodys resistance to stress, improvingmood, energy levels & immune function Helps improve sleep quality Has anti-anxiety activityAvailable at 168 Queen St. Port Perry180 Mary St. Port Perry 905-985-2521905-985-0861 www.brocks.caFOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202123'