b'Turn your beverageinto a party!PHOTOS BY MARYANN FLEMINGThe Sun is a StarLove You Cherry MuchSalt-ans of SweetMermaids LagoonNighttime Nebula Keira Fisher holding the CFO (chief fun of cer) Freddie.Local youth entrepreneur Keira Fisher invented Drinkles!Move over, plain drinks! Thankswhichtasteslikelimeandsalt,can be reused or recycled, making it to the imagination of a local teen- andKeirasfavourite,Nighttimeearth friendly. avour ager, there are specialty drink trim- Nebula, thereminiscent ofStarting up her own business has mersavailabletospiceupyourcotton candy. beenaninterestingprocessfor beverages in a new and fun way. DrinktrimmersgoreallywellKeira. I have learned a lot about All you have to do to enhancewithmilkshakesandsmoothies,marketing, how to produce a prod-your drink is wet the rim of yourKeirapointedout.Drinklescanuct, pricing and time management. glass with a wedge of citrus fruit,enhanceyourenjoymentofanyIhadtotaketheFoodHandlers juice, water, honey or syrup. Thenfavouritebeverage,suchasfruitCourse. Its been a very interesting dip,dunkandtwistthebrimofpunch or lemonade. It is being mar- process.your glass into a layer of Drinkles,keted for non-alcoholic drinks, butThe Port Perry High School stu-poured into the lid of the reusableuse your imagination. dent voiced encouragement to other tin, or on a small plate. Voila! SipKeiras idea to develop a prod- youth to embrace the challenge of and enjoy. ucttomakepeoplehappygotbecoming entrepreneurs. Sixteen-year-oldKeiraFisher,othe ground after she received aIts possible, she commented. of Port Perry, createdve deliciousGovernmentofOntarioSummerAnd very rewarding. ofDrinkles.TheresLoveCompany grant. HerparentsJayandSandraavours You Cherry Much, which is cherryDrinkles are meant to be a funFisher supported Keira on this jour- product to put a smile on peoplesney, and her younger brother Ryne,avoured; Mermaids Lagoon, with notesofwatermelon;lemonyThefaces after a tough year for all of us,was a big help taste testing the se-SunisaStar;Salt-ansofSweet,Keira commented. cret recipe Drinkles products. ThisexcitingnewproductisEveryonedeservesatreat!is availablethroughonlinesales.Keiras philosophy.CustomersfromasfarawayasWhen asked if she plans to study Torontohavelookedforwardtobusinessinthefuture,Keirasaid receiving their Drinkles in the mail.sheenjoysthearts,whichmight Keirao ersfreelocaldeliveryforlead to a career. She plays piano and orders over $25. trombone. She also likes drama and People of all ages love these drinkvisual arts. trimmers, Keira pointed out. TheyBut the summer of 2021 will al-are available in tins or loot bags, andways be remembered as the year that make great gifts or party favours. she started up her own company.Ive had a lot of positive feed- Check out drinkles.ca for more back, said Keira.information.She has been able to source all ofEveryonedeservesatreat!is the necessary ingredients and mate- Keiras philosophy.rials locally, in the region of Durham. Keiras younger brother Ryne has the best jobthe taste tester! Thepackagingissustainable,andBy Lynn Campbell, Focus on ScugogFOCUS - SEPTEMBER 202121'