b'PHOTO COURTESY OF WILL PRENTICESunday September 12PORT PERRY PEDALS EVENT:SCENERY, FRESH AIR AND FUN, FOR ALL AGESFour-year-old ve and six-year- Marcboughtagravelbike,tocidery or winery, and do some shop-old Audre Gibbons are signed upsuit the terrain on scenic rural roadspinginlocalstores,Marcinvited. for a 10 km cycling event to helpand trails. His new hobby of cyclingIts a great economic opportunity for raise money for a CT scanner forinspired him to organize Port PerryPort Perry.Port Perry Hospital. Both ride twoPedals.wheelers, without training wheels! This is the first time that some- PATIENT CARE PERSPECTIVEthinglikethishasbeendoneinFromtheperspectiveofpatient Iftheycandoit,youcandoit!Scugog Township, Marc noted, add- care,Marcstressedtheimportance ve and Audres parents are Laurening that this event has many benefits.ofhavingCTscanavailabilityat WebsterandMarcGibbonsofPortTOURISM PERSPECTIVE LakeridgeHealthPortPerry.He Perry. Lauren was one of the organ- knowsthisfrompersonalexperi-izers of the Hustle for the HospitalFrom a tourism perspective, it willence.Localpatientshavetotravel CTscanfundraiserinJuly.Marcisbring new people to town that maytoOshawaforCTscans. Although the main mover and shaker behindwant to plan a return visit. Marcscancerisinremission,he the idea for the fully supported PortCome for a bike ride and comestillneedstogetregularCTscan Perry Pedals road cycling adventure.back for date night, go out for din- check-ups.It is tailored to appeal to people ofner at a local restaurant, visit a localIt would be so convenient if peo-all ages and skill levels. Theres a 10ple could get CT scans right here in km family friendly ride. ParticipantsPort Perry, Marc emphasized.can also choose to do 30 km, 50 km,Accordingtohealthdepartment 100 km or 150 km routes, featuringstatisticsfrom2014,Marcsaidthat the new cycle route on Highway 7AScugog and nearby Brock Township east of Port Perry.havethehighesthospitalization Marc,whoservesontheActiverates due to motor vehicle accidents. TransportationCommitteefortheAnyonesufferingfromamedical regionofDurham,tookupcyclingemergency has to travel farther for a lastyearfollowingthecompletiondiagnostic scan, delaying the onset of PHOTO BY MARYANN FLEMINGofhischemotherapyandradiationtreatment. treatments for cancer. The scanner is a critical piece of I wanted to get in shape and havehealth care equipment, he described.ahealthyandactivelifestyle,saidFUNDRAISING PERSPECTIVEMarc. Fromafundraisingperspective, Arecentbiketourtookhimtoregistration fees, pledges and dona-Prince Edward County, a trip that is 215 km one way. Its Audre and ve! Here they come!Please turn to page 4FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 20213'