b'Port Perry Pedals(continued from page 3)tions are all expected to add up. TheFROM A PANDEMIC goal is to raise $50,000. PERSPECTIVEPHOTO BY MARYANN FLEMINGIts a lofty and ambitious objec- Port Perry Pedals promises tive, said Marc. We set the goal high. tobeaCOVIDsafeevent. Port Perry Hospital Foundation CEOTherewillbestaggered Rachel Agnoluzzi is very appreciative ofdeparturetimesfromthe Marcs e orts to spearhead this cyclingLatchamCentre,withonly fundraiser.25peopleheadingoutat When weannounced the Herethesametime.Participantsrst for You campaign, Marc made a generouswill receive swag bags. If pos-donation, and then asked what he couldsible, depending on health de-do to help, Rachel recalls. Like a cyclepartment restrictions, there may race, weve got to make it to thenish linebe some kind of outdoor get-togetherthe $4 million goal. afterwards. Marc has inspired others. He has be- Go to portperrypedals.ca for up-come a champion for the cause, Racheldates and to view the route maps.added. Marcwantedtothrowabig partytocelebratetheconclusion FROM A PARTNERSHIPof his cancer treatments in June PERSPECTIVE of 2020, but this was not possible Marc gives credit to the followingdue to the pandemic. who have come on board as sponsors orI had to put it on the back partners: The Rotary Club of Port Perry,burner, he recalled. Although it is hoped that participants CentralCountiesTourism,theRegionOrganizingPortPerryPedalsishiswill sign up earlier, the deadline to regis-ofDurham,theCycleLifestore,theway of doing something special to markter is September 11. There is a cap of 150 Ministry of Transportation, and the Portthat milestone. cyclists. Are you in?Perry Pedals Committee members. ManyIts going to be fun, Marc promises.Register: https://portperrypedals.caarea cycling clubs have been informed ofCycling is a great way to rediscover theCheck us out on Facebookthe opportunity to join the ride, and thetownthroughadi erentlens.Theres general public is invited. been a lot of interest. By Lynn Campbell, Focus onScugogSierra AT4Rede\x1f ne the off-road adventure.BUICK GMC10 Vanedward Drive, Port Perry905-985-8474BUICK GMC www.gusbrownportperry.com 4 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2021'