b'2014 2018 2018 Blow up the Balloons! 45 Years and counting!Readers Readers ReadersChoice Awards Choice Awards Choice Awards BEST DENTAL OFFICE BEST DENTIST BEST HYGIENISTS Lots to Celebrate for Big Brothers Big Sisters North Durham in 2021PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR PORT PERRY STAR Interviewing Big Sister Barb Elliott and Little Sister Piper Doiron was so much fun because they were BESTBESTBEST DENTAL OFFICE DENTIST DENTAL OFFICE constantly giggling and teasing each other and sharing fond memories of their seven year friendship. Their friendship will2020 2020 end when the ocial BBBSND program does. Well always be friends, Barb and Piper agreed. BEST DENTAL OFFICE BEST DENTISTI love this match. We couldnt be happier, commented Pipers mother Amanda. I cant imagine Barb not being in our lives.BEST DENTAL SERVICESTo wisdomHERES HOW THEY METaBigany grandchildren at that time, andPiperexpectedherBigSister Amandadecidedtoseekwanted to have a connection withwould be a moody teenager.Sister for Piper when she was six. Anyoung people. Barbwas10timesbetter.We or not, that is the question. only child, Piper was going throughBarb was the only applicant for thelaugh and have fun together.a hard time because she had just lostBBBSND mentor recruitment, and lit- Barb expected a shy little girl who her Poppa. tle Piper, age six, was the only childwould want to sit and read books.Why remove wisdom teeth if there is no pain? Barbwasinterestedinbeingasigned up. Instead,shegotanactiveLittle BigSisterbecauseshedidnthaveIt was meant to be for us to beSister who liked to play games and PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE together, Barb said. kick balls around the gymnasium.What were their expectations fromTheres no age gap, said Piper.* Wisdom teeth appear at age 15 to 25. the match? Please turn to page 26* Sometimes there is no space and the wisdom teeth often grow in crooked.* If not removed they can become impacted and can lead to gum disease.* If they become trapped underneath the gums, infection and cysts can form.* Best time to remove wisdom teeth is between the ages of 16 and 22.* Wisdom teeth procedures are done at the office under sedation.* it only takes a few days to recover.Erosion Cavity Cysts Crowding Infection. When the wisdom toothCysts can destroy theCrowding occurs when theWhen an impacted wisdom hits the neighbouringbone and damage otherwisdom tooth pushes hardtooth pushes through the gum, molar, it can causeteeth. Cyst formation isagainst other teeth, causingan infection can form around infection. uncommon. crowding. the top of the tooth.IT IS VERY WISE TO HAVE YOUR WISDOM TEETH CHECKED BY OUR PROFESSIONAL DENTISTS AT PORT PERRY DENTAL ASSOCIATES. Big Sister Barbara, along with her little, Piper, and Pipers mom Amanda Call today to book an appointment. hanging out in the backyard.462 Paxton Street, Port PerryLocated across from the Port Perry Hospitalin the Medical Associates building.905-985-8459 OF NORTH DURHAM REGIONwww.dentistportperry.com EVENING APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE24FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2021'