b'LOOK UP! eputed to be the first event oflaneway of the Scugog Arts building its kind in Canada, the Scugogat 175B Queen St. in time for Culture ArtsMuralMarathonFundraiserDays on September 25.was a resounding success, despite thePeople are so excited to see the tornado warning.mural, Melissa said. Some have had Everyones phone beeped at once,a sneak peek at the panels, which are withthewarning,recallsMelissabeingstoredinsideatScugog Arts, Rada,programcoordinatorforthesaid Melissa. ScugogArtsCouncil.TheweatherIenjoyedthisproject100per did not dampen the creative process.cent,saidMelissa,whodidsome Thepaintersmovedindoorsandtouchupsonthecraneandthe continuedtoworkonthewoodencaribou.panels, bringing the images designedPeople were happy to have the by renowned local artist Jon Colwellopportunity to participate and paint. PHOTO COURTESY OF RESSE CONNELLYto life. It was a great way to celebrate the There are four animals representedindigenous culture. 1 2 in the mural: Pine Marten, Blue Jay,Self described as a proud mem-Crane and Caribou. beroftheMississaugasofScugog They are each significant to theIslandFirstNations,Jonisan AMAZING MURAL areaortheMississaugasofScugogexperienced mural artist. His distinc-Island First Nation, Jon commented. tiveworksadornwallsthroughout soon to be installed by Scugog Arts CouncilI love the imagery, Melissa en- DurhamRegion.(Checkoutthe thused. Each animal has a story. imagesonhisInstagram@jonny-Jondrewtheartworkonfour4onethree.)Herecentlycompleteda ft. x 8 ft. wooden panels. There wasmural at the Durham District School a paint-by-numbers type digital col- SCAs Melissa Rada with thermometer ofBoard in Whitby. Next up is a mural oured rendering of the mural for themonies raised. atUxbridgeSecondarySchool.A volunteer painters to follow. few years ago, he did a mural project TheyoungestparticipantwasOver20differentvibrantpre- withsomePortPerryHighSchool agedseven.Fifty-twopaintershadmixed colours of exterior latex paintstudents.their hand in working on the historicwereusedtocreatethisamazingThis is the first time that I had so mural during July 1518. pieceofart. AUV-resistantcoatingmuch help painting! he said in re-People came out from all cornerswas used on top, to protect it fromgards to the Mural Marathon. I was of Durham Region, Melissa report- the elements. curious to see how it would turn out ed. There were all ages. Some had The dramatic mural measures 8 ft.with so many people involved and never painted before and some weretall and 16 ft. wide. It will be proudlywith varying skill levels, but it was a legit mural painters. displayedontheeastwallinthePlease turn to page 10Jessie Wheelock took a turn at paintingSomeones having fun! Regional Local artist Joanna Malcolm1 3 53 4 5 the mural.Councillor Wilma Wotton. doing what she loves to do. All smiles, Leah Daniels andKerri King (and Mayor Bobbi Drew 6 Chief Kelly LaRocca.2 4Tim Deegan with Marion Meyers of in the background). Rev. Angelica Atkins, Nancy ComptonSCA watching their artistic prowess. 7 and Marion Meyers.PHOTOS COURTESY OF MELISSA RADA6 78 FOCUS - SEPTEMBER 2021'