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40 FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 ride the elevator to the observation plat- form is 80 and still a ways from the top of the tower. It is one of those things you have to do if you visit Dubai. The other thing is shopping. Dubai has two major shopping malls the Mall of the Emirates with 639 stores and 7900 parking spaces and the larger more well-known Dubai Mall with over 1200 stores. There are no upscale chain stores in the world that do not have a location in either of these malls. From Marks and Spencer to Gucci and from Dolce Gabbana to Tim Hortons they are all located in these two malls. The Tim Hortons took me by surprise especially when I realized a small cof- fee was just under 4. One of the unique features of the Emirates Mall is its indoor Ski Dubai complete with lift luge and penguins. There is also a 150 metre 500 feet zip line where you can race against your friends who chose to ski down the slope. The temperature is a constant 4 degrees in contrast to the 40 degree outside world. The Dubai Mall is similar except much larger. A 24 metre 75 feet wa- terfall feature makes you think you are staring up at Niagara but the real attrac- tion is the Aquarium filled with exotic fish from all over the world. A walkway allows you to experience the depths of the oceans from a different perspective and in typical Dubai style the aquarium is twice the size of our own Ripleys Aquarium in Toronto. There are also two full size skating rinks and more stores than you can possibly visit in a day. The best way to get around Dubai is by a hop onhop off bus which takes you around the entire city including the Palm Islands. It takes about 7 hours if you do not plan to hop off a two-day package is worth the money. The Palm Island is a reclaimed piece of land in the shape of a palm tree when viewed from above. Skydive Dubai is a popular attraction which gives you an aerial view of the city and Palm Island. There are many interesting and unique sights to see in this modern clean and beautiful city and I would rec- ommend a visit if the opportunity arises. The malls with over 1200 stores is a shoppers paradise. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer author and columnist and can be followed at It was quite a surprise to find a Timmies in one of the Dubai malls. The Burj Khalifa Tower is the tallest in the world and stands 900 feet higher than the CN Tower in Toronto. Dubai continued from page 39