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FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 33 Down Under continued from page 23 My initial interview with Ben Snider-McGrath reminded me of the power and scope of modern technology. While yesterdays impossible may have often become todays ho- hum the astounding march of electronic innovation cant be underestimated nor should it be taken for granted. The cartoon Jetsons of my youth a futuristic version of The Flintstones from the same creators depicted characters communicating by video-phone permitting both sight and sound of the other party. Cool but unlikely I chuckled watch- ing that TV show in the mid-60s. But fast-forward to 2015 while Ben enjoyed the early morning sunshine of Brisbane Australia I sat in my Ontario home-office chatting with him over Skype able to match a face to his name observe his facial expressions all with crystal-clear sound and picture. George Jetson would surely have been proud and would tell me so faster than you can say Jane stop this crazy thing This photo of Ben was taken just prior to him leaving for Australia. Whatever it turns out to be I intend to enjoy it and do it well. High achievement in athletics doesnt guarantee suc- cess in other aspects of life but it can sometimes serve as a predictor. The discipline demanded by sports and the understanding of what it means to compete in the face of adversity will often translate into intangible positives which can sway the balance of outcomes. Months spent thousands of miles away from home and family living off a combination of wits and common sense will ultimately contribute to a better-rounded individual one unfazed by risk and uncertainty. Like the lives of most 19-year olds Bens is a story waiting to be written but one showing some very promising signs. By Scott Mercer Focus on Scugog HEALTHIER GEL POLISH NO Formaldehyde NO Toluene DBP NO BHA or Solvents ZERO Dehydration ZERO Staining or Weakening 35 EACH Pedi Mani Bio Gel Refill Foot Reflexology Massage French Gel Polish Manicure Back Shoulder Massage 30 Min. Shaping Callous Removal Massage Hot Towel JANUARY 27 - FEBRUARY 28 Monday-Saturday 10am - 630pm Sunday 10am - 5pm 1874 Scugog St. Port Perry across from Shoppers Facebook Muses Nails Beauty Spa 905-982-0242 French Gel Polish Manicure Foot Reflexology Massage noticia text Steve Staniland Taylor Ford Sales Team Steve is a long time resident of Scugog and invites all friends and family to pop in and see the car line up that Ford has to offer. 1565 Hwy. 7A Port Perry 905-985-3655 Beside Walmart Hours Monday-Friday 8-6 Saturday 8-4