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Physiotherapy Pelvic Health MassageConcussion Orthotics 462 Paxton Street Port Perry 905-985-8363 Do you have incontinence Or frequency and urge issues Or pressure from a dropped bladder Or painful intercourse Or pelvic pain Or constipation Or separated abdominal wall diasta- sis recti Or have uncertainty of how to prepare the pelvic floor for birth Or retrain after birth Pelvic Health Physiotherapy services are provided by Physi- otherapists with advanced training to address these pelvic floor issues. Considering 1 in 4 women and 1 in 9 men are incontinent but only 1 in 12 seek help due to embarrass- ment we need to start talking It is a misconception to think there is nothing you can do about urinary leakage or that it is normal after childbirth or with aging Worried about Concussions Physiotherapy Associates of Port Perry provides concus- sion testing consisting of balance testing along with the ImPACT neurocognitive test measuring the brains reaction time memory processing speed and atten- tionconcentration. Testing is commonly performed prior to start of the season to achieve a baseline value. ImPACT testing is appropriate for those aged 10 years and older and tests taken prior to injury are valid for 2 years in order to ac- commodate cognitive improvement. Along with the return- to-play protocol this data is used to monitor healing of the brain after sustaining a concussion. We work in collabora- tion with the family doctors to ensure each individual can safely return to full sportingoccupational activity. CONCUSSIONPelvIC HealtH Lets Talk ...... Lets Do Something KRIStal Conrad-Hazelwood PT Pelvic Health Therapist MattHeW Herron PT Concussion Therapist LIVE LIFE WELL Dr. John Tompkin says that the key feature to a good orthotic is its ability to help absorb shock while correcting the gait cycle. The orthotics at his clinic are made from semi rigid plastic that allow for both. Dr. Tompkin uses gaitscan technology which in essence digitally builds the ground back up to the foot changing both timing and pressure during your gait cycle. The next thing to remember is that an orthotic is a support device and that foot rehab therapy is often needed to restore proper foot motion. Finally a good shoe is key orthotics simply perform better in good shoes. For more information on foot therapy orthotics and shoewear book a no charge no obligation consultation today. Natural Health Associates. 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 See our ad on page 25 All Orthotics are NOT Created Equal Are you interested in drinking more water as part of your goal to stay healthy this year EcoWater North Durham is pleased to present our new 24-hour coin operated dispenser. Our high-quality water is now available any time of day Whether in the store or from our new dispenser we provide clean reverse osmosis water free of impurities such as chlorine hormones drugs chemicals and metals that come from your municipal or well supply. We also have a full line of at home water conditioning equipment. Ensure your next step to better health by visiting EcoWater North Durham. Located in the Port Perry Plaza for 16 years and locally owned and operated. EcoWater North Durham 1894 Scugog St. Unit 1 Port Perry 905-985-4900 Toll Free 1-888-468-1336 See our ad on page 29 Pure Clean Water 28 FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016