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16 FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 THUMBS UP - the organizers of the Soups On Us Project SOUP would like to give a very big Thumbs Up to our sponsors who help keep this popular free lunch going served every Thursday at Church of the Ascension. They are Vos Independent Grocer Port Perry Foodland Walmart Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry and Port Perry Smokehouse. Thank you very much. THUMBS DOWN - to the driver of a red vehicle at the Dollarama parking lot who left their red paint three scratches and a dented door on my car in mid December and just drove away not acknowledging what they did. THUMBS UP - A resident wrote in - Kudos to all the workers keeping us safe during this windy icy rainy and snowy winter whether youre a snow plower ambulance driver police ofcer etc. A BIG thank you to all THUMBS DOWN - to whoever is dropping off garbage at the Diabetes Drop Off Bin on the Island. Im sure the owner of the property who has generously agreed to have the bin there doesnt want to look at the pile of crap beside it There are not too many days I pass by that there is not a pile of bags outside of the bin. The other day there was a screen the size of a small car leaning on the bin. Do people really think the Diabetes Foundation is going to take ripped and broken screens I wish people would respect the Foundation the homeowner and our beautiful Island THUMBS UP - to the snow plow operator who noticed that the plowing efforts had knocked over our recycling bins on Church St. in Blackstock. He promptly stopped to pick the spilled items up and place the bins upright again. Thank You THUMBS DOWN - to the thief who stole the turtle crossing sign on Jobb Rd. in Nestleton on December 13th. Please return it as soon as possible turtles are endangered as is your reputation umumumumTh bsh bh bh bumh bumumh bumh bh bh bh bumh bumumh bumumh bum Please submit two or three sentences to a maximum of 125 words to Do you have a Thumb up or down that you would like to see published Scrub-a- dub-dub Another renovation done by Lucyk Renovations with Birdhouse Willy enjoying his new walk in bathtub Referrals are the core of our business 905 434 0517 905 985 8569 JOHN LUCYK BIRDHOUSE WILLY Two well-known local business men supporting one another Renovations from outside to inside Please wish our leap year baby Birdhouse Willy a Happy 21st Birthday