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FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 7 Hardwood laminate installation Custom interior wood work Hanging interior doors Casing windows doors Custom built inns Kitchen installation design CUSTOM INTERIOR FINISHING 905-242-4690 IAN ROSS Port Perry WOOD WORKS THAT WILL INSPIRE Let us take you from this ... ... to this Local Lion President Larry Doble of the Greenbank Lions Club has set his sights on a goal that will give school children in Durham Region and beyond a new outlook on life. As Vision Screening Chairman for over 60 Lion and Lioness Clubs in Lion District A-16 he hopes to raise 10000 and obtain a match- ing 10000 grant from the Lions Club International Foundation. This money will be used to purchase three new vision-screening cameras that can easily measure the vision quality of young school children. Lions carry out this FREE service all over the world. Helen Keller years ago challenged the Lions to become Knights of the Blind and Lionism in answering the call to help will be 100 years old in 2017. The Lions Service Club Organization is the largest in the world with over two million mem- bers. The new vision screeners test for many vision irregu- larities and tell the Lion examiner that the child should be referred to a vision specialist. These cameraswillmoveinto schools over a large geographical area from Minden to Oshawa and from Brechin to Markham as thousands of local vol- unteers work in their communities to help serve those who need it most. So far since October Lion Larry has raised over 6000 thanks to sev- eral Lions clubs and a generous dona- tion by the Mississauga First Nation Baagwating Community Association. Lets Help Put Lion Larry Over the Top KidSight Vision Screening If you can help Larry and the Lions reach their goal you can contact him at