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LIVE LIFE WELL Silver Cross healthcare product solutions Great selection of stairlifts porch lifts wheelchairs walkers scooters bath safety and more In-home assessments professional installation and service Recycled and rental equipment available VISIT OUR SHOWROOM 850 King Street W. Oshawa 905.668.8560 home healthcare equipment Varilux S series LIMITLESS VISION Flawless vision should be simple. Yet wearers still encounter some limits with their premium progressive lenses. Varilux S series offers the first line of digital progressive lenses that provides a real breakthrough in wearer experience for both first-time and experienced progressive lens wearers. Varilux S series is a revolution in progressive lenses based on 3 technologies and 13 patents. A visual swim effect can be created by light deviation through a lens. This effect is impacted by both the lens curvature and lens power. Nanoptix Technology breaks the lens into thousands of tiny elements and through calculations stabilize the light beam deviation to reduce swim effect up to 90 com- pared to main premium lenses. SynchronEyes Technology takes into account the differ- ences between the right and left prescriptions as well as pupil distances. Its calculation process synchronizes retinal image differences to improve all gaze directions in respective binocular fields of vision SynchronEyes is the only technology respecting the binocular behav- ior of each wearer and binocular fields of vision are up to 50 wider through Varilux s series lenses 4D Sight Dominance similar to how we are left-handed or right-handed our vision is also dominated by one eye. The Sighting Dominant Eye technology plays a role of di- rectional guide for the non dominant eye and triggering its movement to reaching the object of interest faster. In everyday life this technology improves our perception of space Ranked 1 on every lens feature by real wearers in independent stud- ies Varilux S series is undeniably in a class of its own when it comes to addressing issues like motion stability fields of visions width and personalization. Limitless vision feel better see wider see faster High Resolution Vision sharper vision unequalled contrasts and im- proved vision in all-lights conditions More visual comfort for everyday activities and natural posture adapted to todays environment VariluxSserieslensescanbepersonalizedaccordingtoeachwearers individual parameters Prescription eye physiology type of frame YOUR LENSES ARE MORE THAN JUST TWO PIECES OF PLASTIC THE VISION CLINIC 305 Queen St Port Perry 905 985 9388est 1982O P T I C I A N S PAID ADVERTISEMENT Do you know someone who goes for regularly scheduled Chiropractic and Registered Massage Therapy appointments even though they dont seem to suffer from injury or pain Dr. John Tompkin says that these patients know the benefits of maintenance and prevention care. Dr. Tompkin has seen a general shift in the way people are approaching their health and says it is important to remember that pain is one of the last symptoms to appear with an injury and the key to feeling great is to treat the dysfunction before pain is even evident. Maintenance patients often come in with no complaints and yet they leave feeling so much better. Dr. Tompkin says that this is proof that maintenance and prevention care works. Natural Health Associates. 126 - 2 Water Street Port Perry 905-985-8591 See our ad on page 25 A Shift on Thinking 26 FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016