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FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 23 him to come home in December months before his target return. Of course as soon as I got home I had three emails asking if I wanted a job he sighs. But I had a great trip while it lasted. Knowing that his time was limited Ben set about packing in as many experiences as possible all the while meandering down Australias east coast from Brisbane to Sydney for his flight home. I snorkeled on the Great Barrier Reef coming close to a shark and swimming with a sea turtle. Did a bus tour of the rainforest. I even tried surfinglearned enough after a couple lessons to stand up But it was obvious luck wasnt with me in getting a job. One hostel had a waiting list with at least forty names on it I enjoyed it there. Its a laid-back place most people have a no-worries view of life and in many ways its not much different from Canada. Set now to work locally until August he expects to then resume his academic career in September 2016 after a memorable life experience overseas. Ill be going into my second year in Comparative Literature at Western he explains. And what does the future hold Id like to do something sports-related. But Com- parative Literature might also shape my future. Ben pacing himself throughout the run. ...................... Please turn to page 33 Care beyond the prescription. . . Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry Free delivery Compliance Packaging Services Doug Brown Lead Pharmacist Bonnie McEachern Registered Pharmacy Technician Melanie Kent Pharmacy Assistant Caring for the community for over 21 years 11 Water St. Unit B Port Perry 905-985-9200 HURRY The plunge is this Saturday February 6. HURRY The plunge is this Saturday February 6. Doug is plunging again for the hospital Sponsor him for the plunge. Phone pledges accepted. If he raises 1000 he will plunge in a Speedo