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My wife will tell you that everything happens for a reason. A left turn in place of a right can produce a unique and sometimes dramatically different result. Whether you support or dismiss that line of thinking theres certainly a grain of truth no outcome occurs in isolation from other contributing events. Ben Snider-McGraths family owned a cottage which prevent- ed him from registering for summertime sports like soccer and baseball at home in Port Perry. Not that he lacked athletic ability hed been enrolled in hockey with its convenient post-cottage-season scheduling since he was six. His mother taught him to enjoy tennis. So to satisfy his athletic urges in cottage country Ben took the avail- able left turn instead of pining for the right. I ran cross-country in R. H. Cornish elemen- tary school he recalls. I could do that at the cottage. And when I was in Grade 10 I bought a road bike and felt Id like to compete. Little could he have guessed at the time but the two activities would form the cor- nerstones of his athletic future and set him on a path which would include success in international competition. Along with another albeit more casual cottage-based exercise the stage was set. Biking running and of course swimming at the cottage I eventually decided to enter a triathlon. His initial experience provided valuable lessons from the college of hard knocks. ...................... Please turn to page 22 bensnider-mcgrath AND BACK AGAIN DOWN UNDERDOWNDOWNDOWNDOWNDOWN UNDERUNDERAND BACK AGAIN UNDERAND BACK AGAIN UNDERUNDERUNDER Ben was all smiles showing his 3rd place medal in Adelaide Australia. FOCUS - FEBRUARY 2016 21