48 FOCUS - APRIL 2018 Walt Disney World (continued from page 47) DO YOU KNOW......... What is Africa’s largest lake and second largest freshwater lake in the world? Email me your best guess at jon@photosNtravel.com. Answer, next month. Last month’s ‘Do You Know’ was ….. Where is 90% of the world’s fresh water located? Most answers I received were the great lakes; however 90% of the earth’s fresh water lies trapped in the ice in Antarctica. Jonathan van Bilsen is a photographer, author, columnist, keynote speaker and can be followed at photosNtravel.com that getting up at 6:30 each day, being in the restaurant for 7:30 and on the bus at 8:15 would get me to the park of the day by 9 (opening time). I had planned to go to the most popular attractions first (to beat the rush) and managed to do that. You have to pick and choose and cater to your wants (or those of your kids), and make a list before you get to the park. Each park has a great evening fire- works display and for Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios I would recom- mend pre-booking with FastPass. People flock to them, otherwise you could be waiting in excess of an hour. I decided to only spend half a day at Hollywood Stu- dios (after I saw Indiana Jones, A Wrinkle in Time and the Star Wars show). I then took the bus and went to Disney Springs for a few hours of shopping and eating. I returned to Hollywood for the evening performance, which was spectacular. Another great benefit is there is free Wi-Fi in each hotel and everywhere in each park. All of your itinerary, planned events, reservations, etc. are all on your smart phone. Simply put your phone into ‘Airplane’ mode, turn your Wi-Fi on and it won’t cost you a cent. You can make any changes to your itinerary on the go, and yes, even answer those all important emails from back home. The Magic Kingdom is very similar to the way it was 20, 30 and 40 years ago. The Jungle Cruise ride still takes you through fierce animatronic creatures and the climb up the Swiss Family treehouse remains an adventure. I sang along with Tiki birds, watched a massive parade and did a handful of other attractions. Animal Kingdom features an animal safari through the jungle, where you will encounter real giraffes, rhinos, hippos and elephants, not to mention a few dozen other animals. The new Avatar exhibit is spectacular, but be aware line- ups are long if you do not use FastPass. I still like Epcot and the 11 different countries in the World Showcase. Lunch in France, dinner in Germany and a snack in Morocco is the way to spend a day. There are several new exhibits, which are worth seeing. Hollywood Studios is the refurbished Disney’s MGM studios from years ago. Star Wars has a massive attraction and lots of visibility. The Indiana Jones exhibit has not changed, but it is still as thrilling as ever. In the evenings do not miss the fire- works in the Magic Kingdom, the Rivers of Light in Animal Kingdom, Fantasmic in Hollywood and Illuminations in Epcot. There is no need to carry cash, as the wristband will allow you to charge everything from food to souvenirs and it doubles as a room key (yes, there are limit restrictions you can impose for kids… or your husband). No matter how old you are or how many times you have been, Walt Disney World is still a great destination for couples, families or groups. To think, it all started with a mouse. Epcot is a bit slower paced, but a park not to be missed. The animatronics in the Country Bear Jamboree exhibit are still amazing. Wild animals roam free in Animal Kingdom. 158 Casimir St., Port Perry • 905-985-2268 • virginia.frew@marlintravel.ca Made for Memories MC TICO #4577532